Welcome to Optimum Export

Your one-stop solution for vibrant, visible and viable export

Simple mission:

to provide you with thoughts, tools and to-dos

helping you to grow your export

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Welcome to Optimum Export

Our mission is simple;

to provide you with thoughts, tools and to-dos 

helping you to grow your export

Whether you are just assessing your export potential or want to develop your exports further, we will equip you with solutions to become an international champion.

We offer a wide range of services to optimise your export potential from training and workshops to mentoring services and complete consultancy, all tailored to your needs.

Hanne-Louise Pedersen, the founder and director of Optimum Export holds an MBA and CIM Marketing degree. Born in Denmark, she lived and worked across Europe and has worked with mainly top consumables and food & drink categories across the world.

For the last 23 years she has been based out of the UK, when not on international business trips looking after demanding global customers and retailers. Key regions: Europe, Asia and North America

The international business experiences, knowledge and global networks are formalised into thoughts, tools and to-dos, ready to be applied to your company and help grow your export.

Please call us on +44 7540334043 or email hlp@optimumexport.com to discuss your requirements and we will find the best solution for you to Grow your Export.
Hanne-Louise Pedersen

Hanne-Louise Pedersen


Forget all about the export myths – it is about having global mindset

Whether you are just assessing your export potential or you are already exporting Optimum Export offers a range of services

to explore and maximise your export opportunities.

No company is the same, so we offer a tailored and bespoke training, workshop and mentoring services.

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Our Services

One-to-one mentoring support

Some of our Thoughts, Tools and To-dos

Some of the companies we have worked with:

- mayborn group
- icelandic
- tangerine
- soreen
- yorkshire tea
- MJ
Sheffield Chamber
- Papierfabrik netstal
Hanne-Louise is a dedicated Export professional. I worked with Hannah Louise for several years and her knowledge of the Export Market was a great strength to the business.
She was dedicated, honest and an extremely hard worker. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Ian Bryson

Managing Director , Finlays

Hannah-Louise participated as a member of a UK government supported trade visit to South East Asia which I organised and was a fantastic person to have as part of that group.
She represented her company and British industry brilliantly, was generous in sharing her extensive knowledge of international business with less experienced members of the group, and very helpful to me as the mission manager.
She entered into the spirit of this type of visit with enthusiasm and certainly contributed to its success.
Vanessa Bryan

International Partnerships Manager , University of Salford

Hanne was a great colleague and friend in her time at Taylors.
Her unflappable approachable style made problems seem small and opportunities worth fighting for.
She has an easy going logic and passion for what she does that delivers great results and makes working with her a joy.
Conrad Hart-Brooke

Head of Packaging , Taylors of Harrogate

H-L has clarity of vision and a lot of drive.
She is a superb communicator and has enjoyed much success in sales and marketing.
She uses her experience in the food industry and other business sectors to great effect.
A very professional and pragmatic approach to business.
Stephen Cook

Increasing the Probability of Success By Developing Robust Strategic Plans

I’ve know Hanne- Louise for several years and has always been completely professional and skilled in her line of business.
She is personable and efficient and delivers results.
I recommend her services and will lead to a positive outcome.
Carol Wilson

Fod & Drink Export Consultant/, Women in Business Champion

I’ve worked with Hanne for many years now starting with Bettys and Taylors, then Optimum Export and most recently with Source.
Hanne is an incredibly warm and approachable person. She is ambitious in her targets and is good at getting buy in from production teams to deliver these. She is also an incredibly good negotiator and is able to leave the room having achieved what she needed, with smiling faces all round. She has in-depth experience of US markets, European markets (she did some great work with Carrefour) as well as Asia and Middle East.
She has also helped to demystify the whole process of supply chains and exporting. On the whole she is fantastic at developing brands and marketing for foreign markets, keeping her feet on the ground and ensuring that the company can deliver.
Cristina Talens

Founder and Managing Director , Source Coffee

I’ve known and worked with H-L for a good number of years.
She’s very driven and results-oriented. She also has a great blend of export knowledge and strategy experience across a wide variety of categories.
Pavel Kolarov

Managing Partner , Strategy Partners

Export Grower

Making Export vibrant, visible and viable

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