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Export Thoughts:

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How Macka’s Black Angus Beef transformed its export

How Macka’s Black Angus Beef transformed its export from relying on one country to growing into 11 countries – during the pandemic  Based on heritage and pride  The story of Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef started back in 1884 where Archie Mackenzie, who was...

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Get the whole world to love your product

Danish luxury liquorice producer, Lakrid’s by Bülow will be handing out samples to the whole world to get us to love their liquoriceUsing the strapline “we make the world love liquorice”, their vision is to spread the love for liquorice around the globe. Not only the...

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German Donner Kebab shop expands into seven new countries

German Donner Kebab - from one kebab shop in Berlin to 78 stores in seven countries, with many more to comeMany people’s perception of kebab shops is one of a somewhat backstreet location, owner-managed, little branding, and below-expectation customer experience. The...

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