Webinar series launch:

Hybrid Export – developing your export in the ‘new normal’ world

Anybody involved with exporting and global trade is facing many unprecedented challenges and, indeed, also, some opportunities, but how and where to start or restart?
Hybrid Export Intro webinar
Hybrid Export Intro webinar

Hybrid Export – developing your export

in the ‘new normal’ world


This inspiring and informative webinar will cover how Hybrid Export can help develop more enterprising export initiatives.

The way that we trade across the world is changing is beyond recognition. The acceleration in the growth of digital marketing “caused” and fuelled by the COVID pandemic combined with changing lifestyles and demographics mean that successful exporters have to discard ‘the way we do things around here’ approach.

So we must all reset and develop the 8 export Ps in the Hybrid Export business model:

  • Passion – drives success, gets people on board and is contagious
  • Platform – your social media platforms must be fun, professional and authentic
  • Product – adapting your products to local markets or…
  • Proposition – listen to people’s lives and develop compelling propositions
  • Place – where you are selling your products…from pop-up shops to eCommerce
  • Pricing – who decides your export prices? The consumer, the retailer, the accountant?
  • Partners – the right partnerships create relationships and £€
  • Planet – we are all getting concerned about the provenance of our products
Hybrid Export webinar series The 8 Ps
The webinars will include plenty of case studies, checklists and action plans,  that you can use here and now to grow your export in the ‘new normal’ world.

There will be plenty of opportunities for asking questions and taking part in a great post-webinar discussion.

The presenter

The webinar is presented by Hanne-Louise Pedersen, the founder and director of Optimum Export, a leading export consultant. Called a ‘positive export disruptor.  Born in Denmark holds an MBA and CIM Marketing degree and has lived and worked across Europe. She has worked with mainly top consumables and food & drink categories across the world.

The last 23 years based out of the UK, when not on international business trips looking after demanding global customers and retailers. Key regions: Europe, Asia and North America

The international business experiences, knowledge and global networks are formalised into thoughts, tools and to-dos, ready to be applied to your company and help grow your export.

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Hybrid Export Intro webinar