We can provide help with consultancy services for starting and planning your export journey.

If you are already working internationally or part of an international group we will review or troubleshoot the current situation and look at the opportunities

We visit your company and confidentially review your organisation, work with the team members, from “shop floor to board room” and get a detailed picture of your company’s culture and attitude and ambitions when it comes to growing your export.

We then present to you what improvements/changes need to be made to really grow your export.

The consultancy can be:

• targeted at a particular project, you have identified or
• an all-round review of the key aspects of the international opportunities around you

We charge a fixed fee for this service, once we have established that we are able to assist and help you on the way.

So call us/email us and we start the dialogue and help grow your export.

One-to-one mentoring support