Export Mojo


Making Export vibrant, visible and viable 

How to find your enterprise and export mojo…

We all know the feeling of lack of motivation and just going through the motions. We bury ourselves in the spreadsheets, ignore customer comments and complaints and turn down suggestions for new initiatives, and gradually the whole business turns sour.

The business has lost its mojo


People and businesses need  mojo -magic, the very best energy–to run the business, to lead the teams, to talk to the clients, and to be the best leader that can be.

Our mojo is our source of confidence–the thing that lets us know we can be successful

When we question ourselves, when we doubt ourselves, it helps us do the things we need to do to achieve, succeed and have an impact.

We need our mojo to inspire our overseas partners and listen to our consumers across the world, to innovate, learn from our failures and successes and have fun and grow.

So, how does business get its enterprise and export mojo back if lost?

  • Start with one small win…do something exciting

  • Deal with your mojo-killers (bureaucracy and people who spend too much time playing politics are often the main culprits)

  • Focus on your mission, not your obligations….what is your business for and what are your values? If your core values weren’t clearly defined when the business started (or if they haven’t been addressed since then), you might need to go back to the drawing board

  • Visit your markets and have conversations with your consumers

  • Empower people to become mojo-makers…these are the people who have got the drive and belief to putt your values into practice. Great employees believe in what they’re doing and can often provide ideas to help take your business to the next level.

  • Identify and nurture your company’s “IT” factor. What is it that makes your company special? Why do people like working there? Why do your customers love you?

Export Mojo

Making Export vibrant, visible and viable