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Export Thoughts:

Through story-telling, examples and inquisitive questions we challenge the status quo and help you think outside the box and build an edge to growth

Export Tools:

We provide you with a wide range of simple tools on how you can achieve best practice, improve and grow your export business in simple steps

Export To-Dos:

Having decided which tools to use, we can then give you simple templates and action points – to use there and then

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Get the whole world to love your product

Danish luxury liquorice producer, Lakrid’s by Bülow will be handing out samples to the whole world to get us to love their liquoriceUsing the strapline “we make the world love liquorice”, their vision is to spread the love for liquorice around the globe. Not only the...

Some of the growth concepts for you to download and use

Export Grower

Making Export vibrant, visible and viable

Some Thoughts

pdficon_largeDigital marketing and social media…how to engage with your customers across the world

Digital marketing and social media 06.2014 (1)

Some Tools

and Some simple To-dos


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