Using storytelling to strengthen your brand and grow export?

Some inspirational examples where leading industry brands from Scotland and Denmark are making a stand with and in many ways creating history
Setting the bar high within the industry and showing being part of the community and satisfying customers’ ever-changing demand. whilst importantly staying true to the core of the business is a winner

Making brand history through storytelling, use of content marketing, growing network and sales in the beer world

- Planet BrewDog
Who else but BrewDog in Scotland have raised and keep raising the bar supported by their charity initiative
• Constant new product developments by listing and understanding market needs and demands
• More and improved production sites-enabled and lead by putting Crowdfunding on their global growth map
• Strong direction and focus on the important social belonging and purpose


They stand tall with their proven manifesto and charter

“BrewDog was born to revolutionise the beer industry and completely redefine beer-drinking culture. We’re determined to make a stand for independence, a stand for quality and stand for craft”

Brewdog Carter

Since 2007, They have been committed to donating a portion of the profits to fund incredible charitable activities across the world. Through the BrewDog Foundation, they donate £1M each year to charitable initiatives that their crew want to support.

Here are some of their history highlights since 2007 and forming a big part of the global beer industry history

  • 2008 started exporting to Sweden, Japan and America. TV spot with Oz Clark and became Scotland’s largest independent brewery
  • 2009 The UK’s fastest-growing alternative beer brand. Punk IPA became top-selling IPA in Scandinavia and offered people the opportunity to buy shares in the company online. Over 1,300 invested and our anti-business business model was born
  • 2011 launched Equity for Punks II, raising over £2.2m to help continue to grow and welcoming over 5,000 new shareholders
  • 2012 Achieved to grow revenues by 95%, and awarded the Fastest Growing Company in Scotland and also listed in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as the fastest-growing food and drink company in the UK
  • 2013 Raised £4.25M through Equity For Punks III, which smashed Crowds-funding records welcomed almost 10,000 new investors from across 22 different countries
  • 2014 36 different BrewDog beers were released BrewDog’s beers were shipped to 55 different countries
  • 2015 Equity IV, launched the largest Crowdfunding scheme and achieving with world records
  • 2016 Set two world records; highest ever equity crowdfunding and the most consecutive years in Sunday Ties Fast track100
  • 2017 Launched Equity for Punks V taking our global community to over 70,000, began brewing in the US and plan for a brewery in Brisbane were announced The Unicorn Fund established with the pledge to give away 20% of our profits every single year, with 10% shared between our awesome crew and 10% donated to charity. A new blueprint for 21st Century business
  • 2018 World record for Equity CrowdFunding as Equity for Punks V closed at over £126m. Launched the BrewDog Blueprint – a manifesto for the future, laying out our focus for beer, quality and people; our mission laid out in black and white

One of the latest beer charity initiatives has been the limited edition of Street Dog Punk IPA

Street Dog brew

Limited PUNK IPA Street Dog – Give a dog a home!

BrewDog has teamed up with two dog adoption charities, Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter
Supporting and helping to raise awareness and help the “four-legged friends” find new homes.

100% yes 100% of all the profits generated from the sales of StreetDog Limited edition Punk IPA will be split evenly between the two charities.
The partnership was inspired by Ricky Gervais, a long term advocate for homeless canines following his ‘shout out to BrewDog’ on Twitter.

The reaction and response were prompt. Close to their customers, following trends and needs. Street Dog – Give a dog a home! Beer was born and for a limited time, space on the beer cans will showcase profiles of some of the charities’ dogs who are looking for new families. It is a pre-order product for shipment to the UK only and of course, the product is Vegan Friendly.

Wow, it has completely won over my heart being a dog lover and how a company stays true to its values, not only their brand name but takes actions, support a good cause. Let’s hope many other companies will follow this kind of community involvement and support wave. Not only form a historic point for BrewDog but many others in the global Coronavirus hit world – creating purpose and being part of the communities surrounding your brand.

A strong story behind the limited edition combined with their global bestseller that has been
• News sharing worthy, emotional relevant sits perfectly with the existing portfolio and branding
• shared by, and with the BrewDog network and key influencers across all the media
• clear message and satisfying a big social purpose

On the other side of the Northsea in Denmark a historic beer brand, Thisted Bryghus established back in 1902 will from August 2020 work in strong partnership with the ”Old Town” (Den Gamle By) in Aarhus telling, showing and brewing beer like back in the Danish history, Slogan We are brewing taste experiences and the first brewery in Denmark already in 1995, produced the first organic beer on the Danish market
Thisted Brygby Denmark
Den gamle by Denmark

The old town’s mission is telling, showing the cultural history of how beer has been a part of Danish life, culture and history. The old town in Aarhus started together with the brewing association back in 1931 to show and brew beer dating back to the 1800s and opened a small craft brewery,

Showing and highlighting the importance of beer in the Danish culture and history

With this strong partnership, “beer history continues to be brewed”, and together the focus is on further development and selling beer with history

The first beer developed is a dark beer with an alcohol content of 4.9% with high yeast content as back in the 1900s. Back in the Danish beer history, the daily beer had very low alcohol content, this beer is classed as a historic inspired special brew due to its alcohol content and for a very special occasion. It has taken 1 year to develop and the development was done on the 70year old brewing distillery machines and set up in Thy, North Jylland
There will be two new beers in the historically inspired collection, Den Gamle By’s Bock and a Christmas beer. You can enjoy the beer in the Gamle by
It is not only about the beer – the beer is bootle in the Classique 33 cl return bottle with the traditional label where on the back of the label the beer’s history is detailed. It is more than a bottle as the bottle can be recycling and reused up to 25 times.

A strong partnership and Thisted Bryghus has been nominated The best brewery in Denmark 3 years running in 2015, 2016 and 2017

The shared drivers for the brands and storytelling

• Being part of the evolving consumer taste and demands even category trend-setting
• Leading the way of brewing beer in new or old setting and ways
• Social responsibility is high on the agenda
• Co-operation and involvement with partners who also have a place in the local market
• Creating beer with a bigger purpose than “just a drink” and creating drink experience globally
• Follow the environmental trends and drives

So are you using storytelling and content marketing to support your global voice, social purpose, network and market position?